M7969 on a bigger bust

A review of McCalls Dresses M7969

Reviewed by sewslowsarah on 20th August, 2022

I’ve long been an admirer of the #M7969 – a favourite of the insta sewing community, but I was put off by the lack of shaping at the bust, and the fact that I’ve never sewn a ‘big 4’ pattern. But I’m a big believer in better to try and fail than forever wonder.

So I used a lovely viscose I’d recently bought from rainbow fabrics, and figured I’d try it out in the size the pattern suggested for my measurements (other say size down, but the chest worried me). The fabric was perfect for a beach cover up and I figured if it was indecent, at least I could wear it with a bikini underneath.

The pattern was not as difficult as if feared – I think we’ve all heard horror stories of minimal, confusing instructions and huge amounts of ease from the big 4, but this was actually easy to follow. And the biggest surprise?! It fitted at the bust, with the help of a few little hand stitches. Delighted – it was great on holiday and perfect in the recent UK heatwave.

There’s more photos and details on my blog: I finally made the M7969! It’s a really popular pattern, but I have a big bust and was worried about fit , as there doesn’t seem to be much shaping, and wraps can be quite difficult to adjust if the drafting isn’t good. I decided to try a wearable toile – better to try and fail than always be wondering! And all the way through sewing the bodice I was convinced it’d be too small, and my bra would be exposed. But somehow, once the skirt was on, it all came together. I’d thought it’d end up being a beach cover as I don’t mind showing my swimming costume, but it fit so well I wore it on days out, and recently during the heatwave too. I ended up adding a little stitch at the bust as it was a bit gapey, but other than that it’s unaltered. A lesson to me to just try it and see, the result is usually pretty good! Fabric is a viscose – there’s more pics on my blog http://sewslowsarah.com/2022/08/20/mccalls-patterns-m7969/