Linden Sweatshirt

A review of Linden Sweatshirt

Reviewed by Denbeesewswhat on 13th December, 2017

Heard, seen and read so much about the Linden and now I am part of the gang! Bought the PDF version over black friday and found this easy to put together, instructions and sizing were good.

I had bought a charity shop (thrifted) XLarge sweatshirt in the UK and used this as my fabric. After deconstructing the old sweatshirt I was able to salvage the ribbed waistband and cuffs.

I cut a size 4 and made the long sleeve version with the following adjustments as I am 5’1″ – shortened the sleeves by 4″ before adding the cuffs. I left the length as is.

Instructions were very clear and the whole garment went together very quickly taking an afternoon with interruptions!

The only mistake I made and it wasn’t down to the pattern – I forgot to flip the sleeve pattern when cutting the 2nd one (I was cutting each sleeve from the original sweatshirt sleeves) so had to sew some sweatshirt fabric back on to the wrong sleeve then re-cut it – Eeek!

The neckband was cut from the old sweatshirt fabric as the ribbed one was not salvageable however there was hardly any stretch in this so I cut the size 18 and it was a good fit. If I were to use ribbing I would cut to the size 4.

Overall I am really pleased with how this upcycle turned out however I would prefer the neckline to be slightly higher and will look at how to adjust this on my next one.

Shout out to Lisa Kisch at AndSewOn for the inspiration to use a charity sweatshirt.

Finally this was my entry into the instagram competition #myxmasjumper hence the ruffled ribbon christmas tree!