Lander Pants 4-Ever

A review of True Bias Lander Pant and Short

Reviewed by Karen L on 5th March, 2019

How many pairs of Lander pants is enough for your closet? I sewed 4 pairs this weekend and have just drafted another pair of Harris Tweed shorts (which will be lined).

– my working toile was the pair of plaid shorts and after taking my measurements (wrongly), it turns out I am not a size 0 but a size 4. Thank God for the 1″ side seam.
– the crotch length is either too short or too long depending on where you want your waist to sit. There isn’t any shaping in the waistband, which can be a little gappy in your lower back; however, I almost always wear my pants with belts so it’s not a big thing for me. I love the pockets and the exposed buttons.
– I had to lengthen the shorts by 1″ and for full length pants (not ankle pants), I had to extend by 3″.

Highly recommended as a base pattern for a world of awesome pants!