Jane shirt

A review of Jane Shirt PDF


Reviewed by TheMagnificentThread on 14th March, 2017

Hi all! I recently tried my first pattern from new-to-me French company Ready to Sew. The Jane shirt was a pleasure to sew, and is really interesting in it’s construction. I was drawn to the cool and unusual crossover front, which as a bonus, was deceivingly simple to make!

The PDF is layered so you can select the sizes you’d like to print. Something that I haven’t come across before but really liked, were the click-through links in the PDF, leading to further instructions and tutorials – I didn’t need to use them, but it does make the pattern feel that extra bit user friendly.

Although I fell across 3 sizes, I cut a straight size 42 as the style is loose and boxy, and this seems just right. The cutting layout indicates which edges need overlocking before you begin sewing, which I quite liked. Although it felt like extra prep at the time, it meant I could speed along with the making without having to shift between 2 different machines.

I used a textured, light-ish crepe with a slight stretch, and it worked well with the draping through the crossover front of the Jane. (Note: the fabric has to be the same on the right and wrong side, as the twist means you see both on the outside of the garment.)

My only critique of the pattern is that it doesn’t explicitly say to apply the interfacing (although on looking back, the illustrations do show to do it). I accidentally bypassed interfacing my button placket, which made my button hole sewing a little trickier than it should have been.

I would 100% recommend the pattern! For more pictures and a full review, see my blog post: http://www.magnificentthread.com/2017/03/ready-to-sew-jane.html