Ilford Jacket – Friday Pattern Company

A review of Friday Pattern Company Unisex Ilford Jacket

Reviewed by abs on 2nd March, 2020

I love Friday Pattern Companies patterns and this is the first one I made. I read a few reviews online beforehand and everyone noted that it was VERY oversized so I decided to size down to an XS and I think it is the perfect size.

Overall I really like how it turned out but while I was making it I was cursing the project and thinking I was going to give it away so I could make it again. I wanted to try flat felled seams which I had never done before and I didn’t realize you can’t flat felled sleeve seams, but I didn’t realize this until I had already trimmed down the seam allowances which cause me to have to get creative with how I was going to finish the seams and attach to the rest of the body. It is a bit wonky in the armpits but overall doesn’t affect the garment that much.

The instructions were very thorough and I didn’t struggle with any of the steps. I love that it is unisex and that you can customize it with the pockets so much, and you can get some really fun buttons!

I am excited to make it again and have a better experience. I think I might make the shorter version with the placket sleeves in an olive green corduroy and do a pencil pocket.