I made TWO

A review of Tilly and the Buttons Indigo Top and Dress

Reviewed by abs on 24th January, 2020

Well I made two of these one right after the other so it must be fun right?!

The instructions were very good with good photos as well as short videos to help you further. I actually made the orange dress first and had a great time making it. The fabric is so cute and bright with little strawberries on it I just think that it is so much fun.

The second time I made it I decided to do the frilled skirt version, which I think turned out really cute. I didn’t enjoy all the gathers in the skirt but I just don’t know if I love doing gathers that much overall, which is why it didn’t get a SO FUN ranking.

I thought the bodice fit AMAZING, and I think that I would take the bodice pattern add a few inches then make a tank.