Great looking jacket that’s fun to make

A review of Friday Pattern Company Unisex Ilford Jacket

Reviewed by Patrick King on 6th March, 2022

The Ilford Jacket was my first foray into a jacket or shirt type pattern and it went better than expected!

The material is a cord from Croftmill which is carries the phrase ‘Be Bright, Be Bold!’ I was worried that I’d be perilously close to Mr Tumble territory, however, it’s got enough of a mustard tone to it, for it to be lovely whilst still nice and sunny.
The pattern itself comes together very easily and the instructions are dead easy to follow especially with the YouTube sew along. Even though there is a placket and collar to make, they are well explained and in my view it is absolutely a pattern which a beginner could easily access.
The fit across the chest was fine for me in a medium (38 inch) and I just added a couple of inches to the length and arms as I’m quite tall. The tip in the instructions of measuring the finished garment against something you already own was great and gave me confidence that I wouldn’t be ruining something by adjusting the pattern.
I just added a couple of pockets but there are plenty of options available. The way they are designed you see the edge of the fold, so if I made square pockets I’d just sew the folds the wrong way and invert them which would avoid seeing any edges.
It’s a pattern I’d highly recommend making and I’ll definitely be doing another.