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A review of Fibre Mood Veronica Dress and Jumpsuit

Reviewed by Love, Lucie on 2nd June, 2023

This is the Fibremood Veronica
I love a collar, buttons and the details of chest pockets, this is no exception!
It comes as a sleeveless jumpsuit, collared playsuit, half placket dress, or a top; all with rounded chest pockets closed with a flap.
On reading the reviews for this dress on social media now, I must say I agree with the general consensus that the top half is a little roomy, which is why I only wear it with a belt to cinch it in. When I make it again, I will size down on the top.
Next time I will also raise the armsyce as they are also roomy
I made the UK size 10 – size small
I kind of feel that the pattern is for a long sleeved shirt dress with the arms taken of, without making the adjustments for a sleeveless version. Or maybe that is the style intended.
There’s more details on my blog