Easy but interesting

A review of Friday Pattern Company Square Neck Top

Reviewed by Pickyyy on 4th July, 2022

This is a toile made from brushed cotton pillow cases.  So you can see that it doesn’t need much fabric.  Sadly I messed up the position of the lines so they aren’t symmetrical – some days I can stand wearing it in public, others I can’t!

i was experimenting with the size and bust cups and also width and depth of the neckline.  I think I want it a bit higher next time, but it’s not bad for a first version.
the instructions are very clear and encouraging, so the end result looks neat.  It would be easy to change the shape or length of the top for different fabrics or turn it into a dress or jumpsuit too.

i haven’t seen many versions in knits so that’s also on the To Do list.