Dream Coat – Tessuti Fabrics

A review of Tessuti Fabrics Richmond Coat

Reviewed by Shreya | junolovesthread on 4th December, 2023

Have you ever had one of those moments where you look at something you’ve just created, and think “I can’t believe I’ve made this?!” The Richmond Coat will 100% give you that feeling!

This pattern turned out to be the ultimate slow sewing project to enjoy over the course of a pretty hectic month. The instructions break everything down into manageable chunks, and I loved seeing this come together bit by bit over the course of several weeks. The design feels timeless but still perfectly on-trend – I’ve seen lots of similar RTW coats popping up in the shops, and I’m a big fan of the oversized fit and length. It’ll be ideal for layering with chunky knits and long dresses as it gets colder, and I know I’m going to treasure it for years to come!

Additional notes:

    – The pattern comes with interfacing pattern pieces (e.g. hems, pockets, facings, etc.) but I found it easiest to just block fuse interfacing to a large piece of fabric and cut the pattern pieces out from that. I also fully interfaced the front coat pieces and interfaced the upper half of the back coat piece.

    – The welt pocket instruction were great – I think this is probably one of the most straightforward methods of construction that I’ve tried. I did end up doing quite a few practice runs before the real thing, and I found that the key to a smooth pocket is to really clip into the corners. I was hesitant to go all the way up to the edge of the stitching, but you actually need to do this in order for them to turn through smoothly.

     – This was my first time bagging a lining. I’m not great at visualising anything 3D in my head, so this was one of those true “trust the process” moments as I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read the instructions in advance. However when going through each step everything started to make sense (even if it felt a bit strange haha), and it was like sewing wizardry when everything came together as it should!

– On the topic of instructions – the instructions throughout were clear and detailed throughout, and I thought the photographs were helpful to properly see each step, where to stitch, etc. Make sure to pay attention to the ‘special tips’ in the margins – I skimmed over one or two and wish I had read them more closely as it would have made certain steps a bit easier! (e.g. which side should be up when sewing two layers together). Even though this is a pretty involved and at times complex make, I found it came together without any issues just by taking each step as written!

The outer fabric I used is a heavy chequered wool coating, and the lining is flannel-backed satin. This satin is a game changer – the satin side brings ease of wear, whilst the flannel backing made wrangling and cutting SO much easier. And because both fabrics are pretty hefty, this coat is also incredibly warm!