Cosy PJs! – Alice & Co Patterns

A review of Alice & Co Patterns Whitechapel Pyjamas

Reviewed by nightingaleanddolittle on 23rd January, 2020

I needed some cosy new pyjamas to help brighten up dark winter evenings, and these definitely do that!

There were lots of things that I really liked about this pattern. The trousers are made from just one pattern piece – the legs are cut from one pattern piece rather than the front and back being cut separately, which makes them even quicker to sew than most PJ trousers. I liked the fact that the pattern uses French seams throughout (and gives instructions on how to do them if you’ve never used French seams before). The sleeves of the shirt are also inserted flat, which is easier than setting in sleeves and mean you can use French seams there easily too.

The sizing is accurate – I used the size recommended for my measurements and the pyjamas fit with enough ease to be comfy without being too baggy.

I gave the pattern 4 stars rather than 5 because there were a couple of things that didn’t seem quite right in the instructions – they don’t seem to tell you how far to press under at the centre front to form the self facing (although it’s fairly easy to work out from the shape of the pattern piece) and the instructions about the size of the interfacing seem a bit off to me.

I enjoyed sewing the pattern though, and I’m pleased with how my pyjamas turned out. More details and photos on my blog here: