Converted in the end!

A review of McCalls Dresses M7745

Reviewed by Sew Atelier M on 1st August, 2021

I must have had this pattern in my stash for about three years and had never made it. Having read the reviews of nightmare makes and the skirt being prone to flying open and exposing your underwear, I had been put off this pattern.

I made a combination of top D with skirt B which is not illustrated. I used a cotton gingham and poly cotton sheeting to line the bodice of the dress.

However, skirt B does not fly open and drapes beautifully. This maybe due to the weight of the cotton, but I think that it is more modest and practical in style to the semicircular skirt. I love the fit of the wrap skirt, it is extremely comfortable and flattering when worn. I am very tempted to add a tie or button waistband and make it as a standalone skirt. It would work well in any length.

The instructions for top D were awful to follow! I actually think that part of the instructions are missing. I did not like the way the instructions flipped between different styles, it was very confusing. In the end I had to make it my own way.

I hated the fit of the cap sleeves on me, they flared out in an exaggerated fashion. Having struggled to actually make the bodice D I had to unpick it all and begin again. To make the sleeves work for me (they bowed out at the base), I had to reset them  taking two inches off each side of the sleeve. Taking four inches off a fitted sleeve is a large adjustment, but it worked. To sew the sleeve back I had to hand stitch the lining back in place.

I did not like the idea of a ribbon to tie the dress as it seemed too flimsy, and I could see that I would be replacing them on a regular basis. I therefore made ties from the same fabric. It also calls for ties inside the dress, but again I thought that this would cause unnecessary bulk and so used a press-stud instead.

At first I though “never again!” Would I make this dress again. However,  having gone through the pain I actually like the dress and find it extremely cool and comfortable to wear in the heat. I may therefore eventually be tempted to make the same dress again in the future, and I could possibly even be tempted to a frill or two!