A mustard Indigo smock top

A review of Tilly and the Buttons Indigo Top and Dress

Reviewed by Holly Stevens on 22nd September, 2019

Never before have I bought and sewn up a pattern quite so quickly as I did this one. And I’m pretty sure that’s the sign of a great pattern!
After checking the finished garment measurements inside the booklet I cut out my usual size 2 for Tilly patterns. I thought about sizing down to a 1 at the waist and hip to avoid too much fabric in this area (I find loose fit styles don’t always suit my shape) however, I’m glad I didn’t as the ease amount is perfect and I’m really happy with the final look. I also only had 1.5 meters of fabric and the minimum the pattern calls for is 1.6 meters for the smock top and bracelet length sleeve version (the dress version requires 2 meters). However, I was not deterred. I went for the smock top version and decided to shorten the sleeve by 3-4 inches so I had more of a 3/4 length sleeve (I was more keen on this anyway) and I just about got away with fitting it all in!
To read more about how I got on with Indigo, check out the full blog post here:
Tilly and the Buttons ~ Indigo Smock Dress
Happy sewing,
Holly x