A fun make, even for a newbie sewist

A review of Merchant & Mills Shepherd Skirt

Reviewed by Liz on 25th September, 2022

I embarked on this with some trepidation given the intermediate marking on the pattern. However, I needn’t have worried as the instructions are pretty through. The only places I struggled were when it didn’t explicitly say to press the understitched facing back, and when to remove the tailor’s tacks, which would have both been helpful given my limited experience. My main note to other beginners is it’s really important to line up all the snips for the pockets as perfectly as you can! I worked around my imperfectly lined up pockets ok but you’d be better off lining them up better to start with. And do believe the pattern when it tells you to grade the internal seams in a couple of places.

All that said I really enjoyed this make and am thoroughly pleased with the end result! The pockets are the perfect size and I’d highly recommend it.