A Colourful Libby Shirt

A review of Libby Shirt


Reviewed by Holly Stevens on 13th January, 2020

The Libby Shirt is a PDF only pattern which comes in two variations: a straight cropped hem and a slightly longer curved hem. It has a lovely notched partial collar stand (which means it stands up a little at the back, but it isn’t a full collar stand) and is finished with a few buttons down the front.  It’s perfect to do in little chunks and I worked away at it in short bursts over about 2-3 weeks. Saying that you could easily whip this little blouse up in a long afternoon too!

I made version 2 (the slightly longer, curved hem option) in a straight size 8, making no alterations. I could probably lengthen the bodice next time so I could tuck it into jeans easier, although I’m really pleased with the final look of it. The instructions are good despite being a little simple in places, mainly with attaching the collar. There is however, a really good blog post Sew Over It have written to accompany the pattern instructions which go into more detail with this part so if you’re worried about this, you’re not the only one and the blog post should help you out.

I used a lovely Dashwood Studio Rayon for this shirt called ‘Fragment’ from the ‘Soiree’ range. It’s very drapey and really soft to wear against my skin, a rayon works really well in this pattern as it’s not too slippy to sew with but has a nice drape to compliment the shirt style. A cotton lawn or crepe would also work great though. I also managed to fit the pattern pieces nicely into 1 metre of fabric for the size 8 so it might be worth measuring up your pieces first to check if you can fit your pieces into less too.

I’m really pleased with how this shirt turned out and other than the collar, it all came together really well and I love pairing this with black jeans and a jacket for a smart-casual evening out!

Happy sewing,

Holly x