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Find that Pattern: The Golden Globes

Like a lot of other events this year the Golden Globes looked very different. The show was broadcast from LA and New York simultaneously and the winners were asked to present their acceptance speeches virtually. It felt like a really fun event and I loved seeing the celebrities donning their finest couture, from their homes. It made it feel fun, and because we are all at home, I felt part of it.. I should add I wasn’t wearing couture!

I was drooling over the amazing outfits and started thinking about what pattern I’d use to recreate these looks. So I thought I’d share a few outfits that I found sewing patterns matches for. I know we aren’t going to events at the moment but it’s lovely to get lost in the frippery of these beautiful pieces of artwork.

Images copywrite to Ghetty Images and Instagram

Pattern Picks:

Nicole Kidman wore the most beautiful Louis Vuitton dress. High necked, super simple with a striking print down each side for the dress. I found Simplicity 8330 and thought it was a pretty good match, have a look at version A.

Sarah Paulson wore a super chic Prada dress, a classic fit and flair shape with simple embellishment. I loved that she had a matching Prada cast on her broken arm! The pattern that I found for this is the Vogue 1094. It’s a vintage pattern and is pretty spot on , it even has the pleating and the neck band at the top of the dress.

Jane Levy wore an Oscar De La Renta gown. I love this classic fishtail shape with the high neckline. I found a pretty good match which is the McCalls 7865 but I think you’d need to add more volume at the bottom to recreate this.

Tina Fey who presented the awards looked fab in her Versace jacket dress. I thought that the Blair Jacket from Homer and Howell would be a fabulous option to recreate this.

Margot Robbie had a beautiful Channel dress on. I don’t think this is a perfect match but I think this would make a really good starting point for the main body of the dress. For the Sycamore Lane Dress from Sew To Grow you’d need to lower the neckline a little and also add the ruffles.

Vanessa Kirby has the most fab Gucci little black dress. We’ve got a good starting point for this one, the McCalls 7659. You need to change the neckline a little but I think this pattern could get you started creating this look.

Salma Hayek nailed it a red Alexander McQueen dress. We thought that the Butterick 5987 was a great option for the skirt. For the top Simplicity 8870.

Olivia Coleman is wearing a fab Armani outfit. For the blazer I thought that the Bellatrix from Papercut Patterns felt pretty close and for the top I thought the Rosemary Blouse from StyleArc.


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