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Launch Day!!

Hello hello lovely people and good morning!

So it’s launch day and unlike a shop where you open your doors to the world we are opening up our screens to you. We thought it would be good to tell you a little bit about why we set up this site and also what to expect from us over the coming months… and we have a video, basically it’s all explained in the video that our lovely friend @alexwhatley made for us!

Before we decided to go ahead with the site we spent months talking about what the sewing world needed. The knitters are so well serviced with Ravelry it’s such an amazing site and everyone who uses it has grown with it. As keen makers ourselves what we like the most is making something and then chatting about it with like minded people. From how we overcame fitting problems to where we have tried to hide that botchy bit! We found that sewing can be quite a solitary pursuit and many of us have few, if any friends, that sew. So that was the chatty bit decided.

The patterns, well you all need something to chat about and why not indulge in what we all love! There doesn’t seem to be a site where you can look at the indies and the bigger companies together plus search easily. There can now find reviews on pretty much anything you buy, so why not do that for patterns? We have created is a star rating and you can the add pictures and a proper review underneath, we are sure it’s going to inspire lots more makes! We would LOVE it if you guys could get on there and start reviewing things you have made! Here is a pagewith a couple already on.

Over the coming weeks we have lots of things happening, there is a blog mini series starting tomorrow so make sure you tune in for that and also the weekly Sunday Sew Reporter. Basically it’s all the sewing news in one place – your sewing Sunday papers! We will be chatting in the groups, going to lots of sewing events and keeping you all in the loop.

Finally, as well as our day jobs, we have have been working around the clock to try and get it all finished but sadly the patterns defeated us. We have added over 1500 already but there are loads more to come. We will be putting them up most days. There are likely to be a few errors in the patterns as we have manually added everything – often late at night! So ping us an email if you see anything out of place!

Enjoy having an explore, if you get stuck with anything have a look at the FAQpage. Rachel is the most organised person I know and made guides to pretty much everything!

Now it’s lights, camera… and action


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