The Ultimate Pencil Skirt

Reviewed by sewbyheart on 4th April, 2018

This is a really easy make. I use a sequin fabric which had some stretch as the backing was net. I decided to line it but with a satin which did not have any stretch. When cutting the lining, I added 1cm to each side of the pattern to give a bit of ease. I also added a side slit each side to help with walking. It works very well. I have worn it several times and it’s really comfortable.

I chose the size according to my measurements but it came out very large. Next time I will cut the next size down. The instructions are simple but do rely on the maker having some knowledge. However, I wouldn’t let this put off a beginner, just read through the instructions first and use some common sense and you’ll be fine. You could probably sew one of these in under an hour but I took longer as I lined it and hand sewed the hems.