Summer Retro Glam V8577

A review of Vogue Dress V8577

Reviewed by wearingoldbones on 29th July, 2019

I cut a straight size 12 based on the finished bust and waist measurements and I think the fit is fantastic. The fullness of the skirt (approximately a half circle) made the hip measurement irrelevant. This pattern, like all my commercial patterns, has the main finished garment measurements clearly marked on the tissue. This takes away any confusion about sizing you may have had previously, so cut confidently! I can also say I’ve found Vogue and McCalls patterns to be very consistent with sizing and I pretty much always go with a 12 up top. I made no adjustments at all.
I found the construction of the bodice to be a little strange, but that *may be in part because I did not add the skirt lining. First off, commercial patterns seem to have an aversion to the burrito method which is far superior in my opinion. Instead they have you finishing the armholes of a fully lined bodice with bias tape. Ludicrous and… completely unnecessary? Of course I did not do this. Second there is a front placket piece that runs from the V neck all the way to the hemline. It gets sandwiched between the bodice shell and lining but shows on the inside of the garment. Mine ended up precariously close to peeking out and I had to fold it under and topstitch at the neckline to prevent this. It seems to me this could have been omitted in favor of some interfacing, at least along the bodice front. If I sew the pattern again I will explore this possibility. For me I found the waist dart points to be a bit too high (I should have lowered them close to an inch) and the hemline of view A to be slightly too short for this sort of look. I think I’d prefer the skirt about 2-3 inches longer. And speaking of hemlines, keep in mind that this skirt is made up of 5 panels cut mostly on the bias. That hem will drop! I let mine hang about 48 hours and trimmed off as much as 3 inches in some places.
My favorite things about the pattern are those massive statement pockets and the gathering at the shoulder seams. It has immense twirling swishablity and a super unique 50s/80s vibe I’m kind of obsessed with.