Sapporo Coat – Papercut Patterns

A review of Papercut Patterns Nova Coat and Jacket

Reviewed by sew_polly_sew on 22nd October, 2020

I got this pattern as a Christmas present in a beautiful kit from Fabric Godmother. It came with this lovely soft, pink mohair outer fabric and silky lining, plus the thread and interfacing. I made it during the early weeks of lockdown, and I was so happy with the finished result!

The cocoon silhouette of this pattern is very flattering and although the construction looks complicated at first, it is really clever the way it comes together. I had to read through the instruction booklet a few times to understand how the front pieces were sewn together to ensure I placed the nap of the fabric the correct way. I somehow managed to cut the cuffs with the nap going in the opposite direction, but you can’t really tell and it doesn’t take away from the over all look of the coat!

I have worn this throughout the Spring and during the last few weeks, however with the weather turning colder I think it may be time to put it away until next year! I love this pattern and have gotten lots of compliments on it. I can’t wait to make another in a satin crepe for an evening look.