Ruri Sweatpants review

A review of Ruri Sweatpants


Reviewed by KathleenM on 21st March, 2019

I used a crepe jersey to make these feel more like trousers than sweatpants and I’m so glad I did as they make them more wearable for me.
I find the pockets can bag out making my hips look wider, not a look I like.
I love the snap on the ankle it really elevants them from normal sweatpants, to smart trousers. But I stupidly didn’t interface where the snap goes and now I can’t undo the snaps or they’ll rip out.
I had to take the waistband in and shorten the front by 2″ as they were sitting just a bit higher than I like.
They were very easy to make and I wasn’t sure if I’d like this style to start with but I absolutely love them. They’re definitly secret pyjamas