Quick blocky versatile pattern

A review of Paper Theory Patterns LB Pullover

Reviewed by Ann Woolley on 15th February, 2024

I really like this blocky top.  I made the option B, crew, neckband.  The shape of the top and way the neck stands up reminds me of an artist’s smock. The pattern was very quick to sew.  I had to take a couple of runs at the neckline as there is a bit of ease needed and my first attempt had a tuck.  Otherwise it is very straightforward.

Sewing extras: although the pattern didn’t say I added some elastic tape on the shoulders to stop it going out of shape.  I made up the size 14 (I normally take 12-14 or medium) as I felt it needed a bit of slouch.

Material: I made it up in a baby cord with a little bit of stretch.  I think it would also be good in fleece or t-shirt material.  If I was doing a t-shirt I would add an extra couple of inches to the length so it would tuck in.