Puffy Sleeve Dream

A review of Friday Pattern Company Sagebrush Top

Reviewed by Madeleine on 31st July, 2023

When I made my first sagebrush top I was indifferent about it- the sleeves seemed too puffy and the ruffle seemed to make my bust look huge. But by styling it differently (mostly just tucking it in) I’ve changed my tune about this top. Friday also has some tutorials about reducing the puff of the sleeve if you also are unsure about having such big sleeves. In the pic, I have made the top in a cotton poplin which gives it more volume but in a viscose, the sleeves are far less puffy.

I think this is also great for beginners because the neckline is finished with bias and the sizing is generous. The neckline finishes with a long strip of bias so you can save a lot of fabric by buying pre-made bias tape or by replacing the back tie with a button. I’ve managed to make this top out of 1m by skipping the back tie.