Perfect first time!

A review of Friday Pattern Company Hughes Dress

Reviewed by Georgia Davies on 24th April, 2023

I absolutely loved making this dress, and love it t more that my “first stab toile” has become a proper part of my wardrobe!

The pattern comes with two bust sizes which was great as it meant I didn’t need to faff with a FBA, and it also has corset style ties on the back which meant I could be a bit more relaxed with the back fit. I took 6 inches out of the length of the skirt to accommodate my height, or lack of, and also to bring it above the knee.

The pattern does involve some hand stitching to secure the lining at the armholes which I was dreading, but actually by the time I finished up I was contemplating hand sewing the waist lining too ?.

Overall I love this and am already planning my next one.