Perfect! – Donny Shirt

A review of Friday Pattern Company Donny Shirt

Reviewed by Love, Lucie on 19th July, 2023

I’ve seen so many of these on IG, I knew I would have to jump on the band wagon eventually!
For my first Donny Shirt I wanted to use a fabric that highlighted all the details that make it ‘The Donny Shirt’. I chose a white midweight structured cotton linen blend.
It was such an enjoyable sew. Yes, the ‘V’ was a little tricky on this first occasion. You have to be so accurate in marking the ‘dot’ and precisely sewing up to the ‘dot’ from all directions. My second one will certainly be less head scratchy!
I just love that placket. And the fact there are no buttons, no collar stand and no cuffs!!
I sewed up a size small in accordance with my bust measurement and no modifications.
It is a perfect fit across my bust and back, and the sleeve head fits perfectly on the top of my shoulders.
There’s more details and images over on my blog.