Kielo Wrap Dress

A review of Named Kielo Wrap Dress and Jumpsuit

Reviewed by heritageninja on 5th April, 2018

I just love love love the Kielo Wrap Dress. It’s so incredible flattering and versatile. This is my third!

I find it a really easy pattern to master, with not too many pieces to put together and simple construction. I used the same fit as for my previous ones and this is where I think I made a bit of an error as the different fabric has made the area around the bust a little tight (but not so much that I can’t wear it, yey!). Main hacks were chopping about 6 inches off the bottom to give it a ankle length and increasing the split by 2 inches so I can still stride out when wearing it.

The fabric was a linen/rayon blend (so not a knit!). I’ve made this pattern before in linen so I knew it would work out. By not using a knit you get a fantastic structure to the skirt.