Harlene Gardening Dungarees

A review of Merchant & Mills Harlene Dungarees

Reviewed by Lilly Everett on 23rd July, 2021

I sewed these up in a 10 oz. Organic Duck Canvas from Blackbird Fabrics. and graded from a 12 at the bust to a 14 at the hip.

The hardware is the antique brass Jenny Overalls Hardware Kit (with the extra buttons) from Closet Core Patterns.

I lengthened legs 1 1/2 inches and added tool loop

According to the size chart and my measurements it put me in a size 16 at the bust and 18 at the hips, but I looked at the finished measurements and did not want nearly as much ease so I sized down two sizes (to a 12 at the bust and a 14 at the hip) and am glad I did. These are still roomy, which is great for garden overalls, but I have plans to sew another pair and may just sew a straight size 12.

The only thing I might change next time would be to take some darts out of the bib so that it’s a bit more fitted around the bust. Otherwise, these are exactly the classic overall pattern I was looking for!

More details and photos on my blog: http://www.rakeandmake.com/harlene-gardening-dungarees/