Great bra, best fit ever!

A review of Fitiyoo Cosmo Bra

Reviewed by Joanna Martin on 15th February, 2023

I’ve never made a bra before, frankly didn’t think I could!  It took me 4 goes to get the fit right but now I’ve got a beautiful bra that fits perfectly.

For the first go I bought a bra kit as I was totally befuddled by all the different types of elastic and lace, I used scuba fabric which didn’t work for me.  Next time I still used scuba but got a better fit and the third time I used rigid satin for the cups which worked much better – I put wires in but the fit still wasn’t perfect and the wires nearly went up my nose when I was demonstrating my handiwork to hubby – bit of poor finish there!  For the final version I used a pretty printed cotton and it came out perfectly….I will be making more to replenish my underwear drawer next.

The pattern is good, the instructions are a bit esoteric in their translation from the French original, but you get used to the style.  I found that the best supplier of lingerie notions was