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A review of Paper Theory Patterns Zadie Jumpsuit

Reviewed by Mary Pitts on 5th July, 2022

I have never worn or made a jumpsuit, but I was so drawn to this one. I read the reviews carefully, and they were all so positive. Add mine to the list!

This was an easy, straightforward make. I am getting back into sewing after 4 years away, with a very simple, limited machine, and this was a piece of cake to make. I did wonder a little on some steps if I was proceeding correctly, but with a re-read of the directions, it all worked out perfectly. I considered this one, made from Brussels Washer Linen from fabric.com, my muslin version, and I intend to wear this, see what I want to alter about the fit and make another version, with crisper fabric. This linen is super soft and lovely. I might go down another size and slim down the pants.

Most of the other reviewers have said they felt like the jumpsuit pattern was long in the crotch. I am 5 ft 4 in tall with a 38C bust, which makes me a size 16, but I made a 14 and shortened the front and back pants by 1.5 in at the lengthen/shorten line. My jumpsuit still hangs a bit  low in the crotch and fits loosely.

I don’t think my finished result is terribly slimming (and maybe that’s because I’m not as slim as I’d like to be right now!), but it is definitely very cute, stylish, and gets tons of compliments.  I love wearing it.

The pattern is easy to read and I enjoyed the construction process. Great design and really lovely finished product. I wore it here on a night out visiting in SunValley, ID and felt perfectly chic!