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Buy Issue 115 Pioneers of Selvedge magazine. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it. The importance of role models can’t be overestimated, especially for emerging makers. Our community is peppered with pioneers whose vision and tenacity have impacted society beyond their immediate circle. This issue spotlights and celebrates these unsung heroes, from Jenny Tiramani, the principal of the School of Historic Dress, who galvanised a team of enthusiasts to create a world-leading institution, to Dan Driscoll, who developed a computer system based on pictograms to give illiterate artisans in Morocco agency over selling their work to a global audience.

What is Selvedge magazine?

Polly Leonard launched Selvedge magazine in 2004 to celebrate our cerebral and sensual addiction to cloth while promoting skilfully made and carefully considered textiles. Every issue features talented makers and their lives and stories. Polly believes the most interesting and evocative textile stories deserve to be shown in the best possible light and has thus created a magazine that is an aesthetically beautiful experience.

This magazine is available in PAPER format. 

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