Map of Fabric Shops

Welcome to the World Map of Fabric Shops

Please add your local or favourite fabrics shops on this map from around the world. Can you imagine we can plan our holidays around the cities with the best fabric shops!

To add a fabric shop you must be logged in (this is to stop map spamming). You will notice that under the map and shop listings you can add your own markers. You can also search by shop (see search bar under map) so it might be worth checking you are the first to add that shop to the map. You can also add an image and it would be nice to add the outside of the shop – to help people find it. If you hover over the marker a box will flash up with the shop details and if you click on the marker it will take you through to the companies’ site.

PLEASE READ: We can only make the website link live in the back office so please add the web address to your description and we will sort the rest. Tip: We’ve found it’s a lot easier to copy and paste the shop address in rather than dropping a marker!