Zipper Blouson – Cookie

A review of Zipper Blouson - Cookie


Reviewed by Pixington on 27th October, 2015

Hi everyone!

I made this using a plaid suiting fabric, cotton lawn lining and ribbed jersey for the cuffs. I made quite a lot of alterations to account for large bust/narrow shoulders.

The printed instructions that come with the PDF are great. There are full colour drawings that show you clearly what you need to do. I used the blog posts for instructions on adding a lining and downloaded the separate hood pieces and instructions. Each on it’s own was easy to follow but it was challenging keeping the stages in the right order. Also, I’d recommend using the largest screen available for the lining instructions as seeing the pictures on a pone screen was challenge.

For difficulty level I’d say it’s a solid intermediate. Pockets and zips were new to me and adding a lining requires a lot of spatial clarity!

The jacket came out exactly as I had hoped and even though I was at the top end of the sizing spectrum (I used a size 46 and I’m a chesty apple I suppose haha) it still looked like the pictures and the tech drawings – so often patterns just don’t look like you expect when you cut the biggest size!

It’s a warm and comfy jacket and suits my style, so overall I’m very happy!