You’ll never want to leave the house

A review of Closet Core Patterns Carolyn Pajamas

Reviewed by Tanya Brooman on 21st May, 2020

I just love these PJs! I’ve had my eye on the Carolyn Pajamas for ages and they really haven’t disappointed. In fact its a struggle to get dressed in the mornings now.

I used a lovely cotton lawn and pre-made piping, and cut a straight size 10. I didn’t make any adjustments as they’re loose-fitting and they turned out true to size. If anything I probably could have tightened the elastic in the shorts a little more but that’s my doing, not the pattern.

I decided to do the piped version – previously I’ve only ever piped cushions – but actually I found it pretty straighforward and quite enjoyable. The join between the lapel and collar is the trickiest part of the piping but there are plenty of tutorials online and on the Closet Case patterns website to help.

I was debating giving 4 stars as the instructions are incorrect in a few places (for example it refers to the incorrect pocket pieces – I think they’ve got muddled between View A, B & C possibly?). And also the piping instructions are pretty brief BUT because the end result was so good I’ve decided to ignore that bit! Its the end result that counts, right?

Happy sewing,

Tanya x