Yanta Overalls PDF review

A review of Helen's Closet Yanta Overalls

Reviewed by RoodlesRunique on 4th June, 2019

Here we have the beginnings of a new love affair. I made the Yantas, 1 because Helen has a very similar body type to me and ALL her patterns are so perfect for me and 2, because I’ve been dreaming of a good pair of dungarees for ages and I was determined to make amazing leafy dungas!

I decided to make them from the Lady McElroy leafey fabric the Crafty Sew and Sew had just got in. The cotton is a lawn so gives a lovely drapy effect for the dungarees this made it perfect for my dungarees to give them movement but also for throwing in my suitcase they took up hardly any room and the creases just dropped out once I was there!

The Yantas are a very easy pattern to make up and only have a few pieces. I intended to make mine with a knot at the end of the straps for put some eyelets in for the holes. I forgot however to lengthen the straps so I have put a snaps extra popper on the hold the strap in place and just poke the straps through. I think I may try and add some length onto the straps at some point but that would mean taking them off for long enough to sew them!

I omitted the zip in my version, it means I have to do a bit of a wiggle when trying to get them on but I was afraid with the lightness of the fabric putting a zip in would mean one side was heavier and might lie differently. I completely do not need the zip though and won’t be putting one in any future dungarees as they fit perfectly as they are. I compared the rise of these with the block I made recently as I have had to change the rise on my winslows so I thought I may have to make some edits to the Yantas, but in a twist of fate they were identical to the block I have made so I left it perfectly alone! I made the full length version but I have rolled up the legs a little giving me a cropped length, I think I would lengthen the leg next time so it was a full trouser.