Wrapped up in cotton

A review of Wrap Top (free)


Reviewed by AnaPlanda on 11th February, 2020

The first thing to say is that this wrap top keeps you wrapped and secure from any unwanted gaping. That is the most important thing for me with wrap tops. I also like that the pattern has set-in sleeves.

The instructions are great as always with In The Folds, but I have to say I never encountered this kind of neckline construction. The neck opening has a facing for the back part and the front is turned in twice and topstitched. I made both versions of finishing seams on tops before but never a combination of both.

One thing I did not like is that the straps are made from a single fabric. I do not like that since you can see the stitches then and also the wrong side of the fabric. So to go around it I cut 4 strap pieces instead of 2, sewed them wrong sides together and turned them out. I had to fiddle a bit when I was attaching them to the bodice and the finished seams are not hidden but you can not see them when the top is wrapped so it is fine for a first go at it.

The fabric I used is a lightweight cotton remnant I had in my stash. It works perfectly for this pattern.