Winter Wilder Gown

A review of Friday Pattern Company Wilder Gown

Reviewed by Eversewoften on 30th January, 2020

I’m a little late to the Wilder Gown party!

I’ve joined in with the tiered dresses that have become ubiquitous since last summer and made four Myosotis dresses and one very frilly Indigo smock but until recently I’d eschewed Friday Pattern Company’s offering.

Using Lady McElroy’s iconic cobra corsage cotton lawn, I made the blouse version last Sunday afternoon.  What a speedy make!  With a centre front seam and raglan sleeves which then extend upwards to form the ruffled neckline, the construction is remarkably simple and the instructions were well written and easy to follow.

Once completed I found the ruffled neckline too fussy when the the ties were fastened at the front, so I ruched the neckline as much as possible and then sewed across the neckline channel, anchoring the ties in place. This gives the blouse a more casual vibe.  I sewed the standard three quarter length sleeves but if I was to make another version, I would go for full length sleeves, incorporating a ruffle to reflect the neckline.  The current sleeves have an almost unfinished feel.

This is a brilliant pattern for a beginner as the construction is so simple with no scary techniques such as button holes, set in sleeves, facings or collars a good result can be achieved.  Though I didn’t make the dress the modular idea of adding tiers of different lengths to create a knee length or maxi dress does appeal.

I seem to make a habit of sewing what are  viewed as summer dresses for the winter and so I did here. With the dark background, dramatic print and less fabric drape, the results are quite striking and very different to the pattern cover.