Why have I not made this sooner?!

A review of Sew House Seven Toaster Sweaters

Reviewed by Hannah on 6th October, 2019

The devil is in the detail with the Toaster. The pattern instructs you to add topstitching to the seams, which adds a lovely detail and gives the finished garment something special.

I cut a medium out of the packet but shortened the sleeves by 2″ after holding the pattern piece against me. Usually I have to shorten bodices but, as this is intended as a cropped jumper, I didn’t need to do that. I prefer my jumpers un-cropped so it works fine for me. If you’ve got a longer torso, make sure you pay attention to the finished garment measurements.

The fabric is an amazingly spongy cable knit and sooooo warm. I cut the cuffs and hem band perpendicular to the bodice as I didn’t want to worry about stripe matching.

I can’t recommend this pattern enough.

Happy sewing.