White Persephone Pants

A review of Anna Allen Persephone Pants and Shorts

Reviewed by AnaPlanda on 23rd January, 2020

I wanted white Persephone pants for a while now and I finally made them. I used this white stretch denim so they are extra comfortable. I cut out the smallest size of the pattern due to stretch in the fabric which meant sizing down 1 size in the waist and 2 sizes in the hips. I used a smaller seam allowance on the inner leg seam – o.5 cm.
I love them but I am afraid they will not be white for too long 🙂 Let’s see how that goes.

They were easy to construct and are a great pattern, I couldn’t recommend it enough!

If you want to see other photos and read more on the pattern and my thoughts on white pants you can do so here: https://thesewingnomade.com/2020/01/14/white-persephone-pants-yes-or-no/