Well designed wrap dress

A review of Highlands Wrap Dress


Reviewed by annwatts on 11th February, 2020

I loved the look of the maxi sleeveless wrapdress on the model, but I have made up a midi length sleeved dress due to my requirements. I will make a sleeveless version for the summer ( clue – I like the pattern)

The construction of the wrap is interesting on this dress. The button tabs ( once I got my mind around them) provide a very secure fastening, and I certainly did not have any wardrobe malfunctions as a result. Whilst the skirt panels are fairly straight, the addition of the side slits give a nice bit of movement.

I like the set in back waistband as this gives a bit of structure to the wrap dress. I omitted the elastic from this section as the fit was fine without it.

There is plenty of stitching/ understitching / top stitching in this make – but that does give a nice finish to the garment.

I did add a popper to the bodice wrap- I’m never  completely comfortable otherwise!

Two considerations when making this up – the pdf takes a lot of printing – I think I would consider paying for printing if doing again.And watch the seam allowances. They are smaller than standard so less room for adjustment or you will make up the garment too small if you don’t spot this!!