A review of WANTED top


Reviewed by Juska on 12th June, 2017

I have been eyeing for a while. Wanted is a form fitting t-shirt with a square neckline. The pattern is unfortunately only in French and I don’t understand French. Luckily there were lots of explanatory pictures that were enough for me to understand the instructions. Not that there is much instructions needed for a t-shirt. The only French I finally needed was to understand “Les marges de couture sont comprises” that means that the “seam allowances are included”.

I made two versions using two different kinds of jerseys. The light orange one is lightweight viscose jersey and the stripy one is cotton jersey. There is certainly a lot of difference in fit because the fabrics have a different amount of stretchiness. I made the size 38 and the orange t-shirt is slightly loose whereas the stripy one is a bit tight. However in the future I know to size up with the cotton jerseys. I also noticed that the back neckline edging was a bit too long for my fabrics and it is a bit too loose in the orange t-shirt. With the stripy one I cut it a little shorter that makes it sit a bit nicer.