Vogue dress 2902

A review of Vogue Vintage Dress V2902


Reviewed by Anna-OmpeleOmaOnnesi on 5th April, 2018

This is a lovely Vogue Vintage reproduction pattern. The design of the sleeveless dress is fairly simple. Also the sewing process is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. But beware, this pattern requires lots of work.

The contrast band that finishes the neckline nicely, is attached to the dress bodice completely with hand stitches. This takes some time. However, the end result is very pretty. The dress is also fully lined, which takes both fabric and time.

Even if this dress took me couple of weeks to make (with all the pattern alterations and hand sewing), I think it was well worth the time spent. As said, the finishing touches are beautiful and I love how they’ve kept the vintage sewing techniques that must have been part of the original pattern. I learned a lot making this project. I warmly recommend this pattern to all vintage dress lovers out there!