Vogue dress 1471

Reviewed by AbiNorton on 25th August, 2017

This dress is absolutely stunning when its finished. The lace with the scalloped edge is a really nice detail, and the bottom ruffle gives a lovely body to the skirt (perfect for twilling).

This dress is definitely intermediate to advanced. Mostly due to the amount of lace work (I found that gathering with lace is actually quite difficult, as my machine didn’t like hitting so many “empty” pieces of the lace).

I really took my time on this dress, especially with the cutting out. So it did take me 2-3 days, but taking my time definitely paid off.

I did have to take the shoulders up to get the bodice fitting me better, and I also took the sides in a little. I made a size 14, but the stretch of the lace and the lining means I could have probably made a size 12.

Overall I am very happy with it though!