Very, very large

A review of Untitled Thoughts Chandler Trousers & Shorts

Reviewed by Anais Bertrand on 23rd March, 2020

I was excited to sew my first trousers and picked those based on the elasticated waistband for an easy fit. I am several months post-partum, I figured they would also be a good fit for a body still changing. I took my measurements and even looked at Untitled Thoughts’ own instructions for doing so; I was exactly between a 7 and an 8, so I went with the 7. Well I should have gone with a 5. These are the largest trousers I have ever tried on; I do not have pyjama pants this baggy. It looks like a tent, with very nice pleats – the picture shows the pants at the waistband fitting, so the waistband is not finished. Now I need to de-stitch everything, have another printout of the pdf, re-cut all the fabric and re-do everything. Maybe people with more of a pear-shape will not face this issue, but if you are more apple-shaped or have a tummy, I strongly suggest going 1 or 2 sizes down from what the pattern tells you and just cut the elastic very long. You will be able to easily adjust the waistband and the trosuers will fit your legs, without having to re-do everything. Ugh, so disappointed.

(I know I could have made a toile, but with 2 kids I get sewing done here and there, and did not want to spend a full month on a toile).