Very nice pattern

A review of Hoya Blouse


Reviewed by SewInFife on 11th February, 2020

Made this in a polyester crepe de chine- the fabric does need to be fairly fluid and drapey. Although the pattern booklet makes it look boxy, in a fluid fabric it drapes very nicely. The instructions are clear although I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to do with the overlapping front pieces. In the end I sewed the top side to the bottom one to stop gaping when sitting down. I did that just where the collar flaps over to hide the stitching.

I also adapted the neckline as it was rather low!! Also noticed that the pattern does not tell you to sew a couple of gather stitches  inside the seam allowance for the sleeves, so you can pull the gathers and fit the sleeves into the armholes. If you don’t do that, the sleeves will be too big.

In terms of size, I have a 97 cms bust but went for a size 42 rather than 44 – in hindsight should maybe have gone for a 44 and adjust the waist/hip to a 42. Although it does fit fine as is.

Overall very happy- will definitely do it again.