Tyyni Cigarette Trousers

A review of Tyyni Cigarette Trousers

Reviewed by sewforvictory on 3rd August, 2017

Although I’ve been sewing for almost two years and growing in confidence, I remained convinced that trouser-making was totally outside of my abilities. This was an opinion I’d developed after hearing too many things about crotch length and, knowing that my hip-waist ratio already necessitates grading out on most garments, I just didn’t think I could deal with the complexity. But Named Clothing have created a pattern that is genuinely so easy to size and construct.

I put my faith in the final measurements for the trousers and figured out roughly how much ease I would find comfortable (pretty much by googling around to see what people recommended and using a tape measure while standing, sitting etc. to check that it didn’t dig in to my skin). I graded out a size at the hips, as per the norm. Other than that, I made no alterations to the fit of the garment. And the sizing of the final product is honestly one of the things I love the most about this pattern. It’s incredibly comfortable and flattering, and I absolutely adore the shape. The high waist and tapered legs make this a beautifully stylish pair of trousers.

For my first pair of trousers, these posed absolutely no construction problems. Although I’m sure that trouser-making, in general, would be considered something for Intermediate sewists, I honestly think that the Tyyni trousers would offer an excellent and achievable challenge for any advanced beginners. The only area that would pose a potential difficulty would be the fly – figuring out how to attach the zip, the flap, and the waist facing. The pattern itself is so well diagrammed and comes with such a great set of instructions that a little trial and error is all that I needed in order to figure out what goes where.

I genuinely can’t recommend this pattern enough for anyone who wants to give trouser making a go and add a little vintage flair to their every day wardrobe!