Tres Chic and true to size

A review of Maison Fauve Bélem Trousers and Shorts

Reviewed by Mary Jennings on 8th June, 2023

I made these in a toile as I am looking for the perfect trousers to make. The pattern is a dream to cut out and I would say true to size. The instructions have been written in French and then translated in to English. Sometimes the copy did not correspond to the French instructions and the diagrams where not very specific. Fortunately there are excellent video tutorials for every pattern in the Maison Fauve range,  which guides you step by step when you get a bit lost. The videos more than make up for the translation if you are a visual learner. The insertion of the fly and having a left leg and a right leg was over complicated in my opinion (I went to the Fibre Mood tutorial to remind myself that fly’s can be easy to do!)

I’m not sure I’ll make up in the fabric of my choosing, for although the pattern is lovely and has really great details I think they are not quite what I was looking for when made up. Still I have had lots of fun looking at Mauve Maison web-site. French fabric, French buttons and French style which looks tres chic! I’ve given it a 4 star simply because I now realise they were not what I wanted.