Toaster sweaters

A review of Sew House Seven Toaster Sweaters

Reviewed by StitchSisters on 5th April, 2018

I am a big lover of knit fabrics and sweatshirt patterns. I have made many Linden sweatshirts but this is my first Toaster Sweater.

I got this beautiful cable knit jersey from Higgs and Higgs and knew I wanted to create a lovely snug jumper to maximise the warm fabric.

It was a very simple sew but I did add length to the body and to the sleeve as I am long in the body (3″ to each)
I was concerned that the sleeves would be ever so slightly too short (my pet hate) so i plumped for extra extra long instead which I love.

As the neck band and the cuffs are double folded it is very easy to fold them back if you prefer that look.

This won’t be my last Toaster. It probably only took 1.5h to sew on the overlocker and thats a winner in my book.