These Overalls Will Be My Constant Companions!

A review of Constance Overalls


Reviewed by Geri In Stitches on 29th June, 2020

This project was spurred on by #rainbowsewing2020 on Instagram. It’s a way to celebrate Pride 2020 in these social distancing times. Happy Pride!

These overalls are a great fit. I love how they fit perfectly around the hips. They are a classic shape with all the classic details. The drafting is great. But the instructions can be clearer and more detailed. To be fair, it is rated 3 out of 5 stars for sewing level, so it’s definitely not aimed at beginners. An intermediate sewer can certainly figure out what is not specified. However, the fit is so good that I’m considering getting more Fibre Mood patterns. For a more detailed review of the pattern, you can go to my blog post: Geri In Stitches

For a write up of the rainbow sashiko embroidery that I did on the garment, you can read it here on this post.