The ultimate summer maxi

A review of Vogue Dress V1627


Reviewed by Sewyourhappy on 23rd June, 2020

I am so in love with this pattern!

Considering that deep v dresses have been very popular amongst the sewing community I am reasonably shocked that this pattern doesn’t get made more.


I can somehow understand that it looks pretty intimidating but, if I’m totally honest, the trickiest thing about making this dress was cutting it out. Big slippery pieces are a bit of a headache to handle so I took it VERY slowly (part of the reason that I didn’t get to finish it during the sewing weekender, another part was temporarily single parenting two toddlers).

The construction is pretty unusual with the entire bodice and sleeves being constructed from a single piece of fabric, underlined around the bust for modesty. The instructions are very clear and I cannot find a fault in this pattern.

I probably could have done rolled hem on my coverlock but I was too lazy to re-thread and I cannot say I regret anything.

Don’t shy away from this pattern. It’s a good one!