The Perfect Woven Wrap Dress

A review of The Eve Dress


Reviewed by theresamboxall on 4th December, 2019

If you are even considering making this dress, I encourage you to do it now!

This dress was a joy to sew. It came together easily that my husband even commented on what how quickly it came together. It helps that there are no zips or fastenings. 

The instructions were perfect—not too much information but detailed enough to walk you through. I loved being given options to use cotton stay tape, ribbon or clear elastic to stabilise the neckline depending on what you have on hand. Each step felt very considered, ensuring a beautiful finish but without any overcomplicated construction techniques in order to achieve this.

This was my first Sew Over It pattern, and I was extremely impressed with how accurately the pieces fit together without any need to ease anything in. My sleeves inserted without a fight, the hole in the side seam for the waist tie was exactly the perfect size for my ties, side seams lined up beautifully when stitching the waist together. Everything just fit.

I now want to make all the versions of this dress. I know that it will change dramatically with different fabrics, and I can’t wait to make more!